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A Change In Employment May Mean A Change In Your Insurance Options

Whether you’ve lost your employer sponsored coverage due to the recent impact of COVID-19 or you are in transition for other reasons, HMK’s AleraRefer Individual Insurance Finder can help.

Finding affordable individual & family coverage options to COBRA or evaluating comprehensive coverage options in addition to health insurance can be challenging. Visit our site to explore a wide range pf options around health coverage and supplemental plans, like:

Health Insurance

• Individual/Family
• Major Medical
• Short Term
• Senior Coverage

Supplemental Insurance

• Vision
• Dental
• Auto
• Accident
• Critical Illness
• Life Insurance

Licensed agents will assist you with all stages including:

  • Understanding your options
  • Evaluating rates
  • Enrolling you in the plans that meet you and your families needs

Call 1-833-395-0247 or visit the site by clicking the button below to explore a wide range of individual and family options.