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Phil Lipschultz

General Manager, Craft-Maid Kitchens, Inc

“Craft-Maid Kitchens, Inc. has been working with HMK insurance for a number of years in our quest to control our health benefits and not sacrifice coverage for our employees. My experience with them has been nothing but positive. Our agents took the time to understand what my goals are for our employee benefits. They did all the research and quoting necessary to recommend what is our best option for coverages on each yearly renewal. Our implementation of the renewal policies has been smooth and they have communicated our benefits to our employees very effectively. I consider them to be a reliable partner now and into the future.”

Sean Boyle

President, Boyle Construction, Inc

”HMK has been so much more than an “insurance broker” to me over the past 20 years. Boyle Construction has grown tremendously in the last 10 years and the construction business in general has changed as well. HMK has always been a trusted advisor to me in helping manage our growth and our risks. Obviously competitive pricing is always a factor, however for me getting the proper insurance coverages are even more important. Our agent and everyone at HMK have always been there and super responsive for not only my claims, but also to advise me on the coverages that I need for our ever changing and growing business. I am a construction person, not an insurance person so I rely heavily on HMK as a partner and they have always provided me the best service and invaluable advice.”

Joshua Malik

President, Joshua Tree Experts

“HMK has been straight forward and offers an individual approach, simplifying the insurance process, so I can focus on the essentials of business. They are fast to respond to my requests and take the guess work out of the complicated and intimidating process of all my business insurance needs. They are continually swift to my needs and demonstrate exceptional customer service. Thanks to all at HMK for making a yearly, complicated process, such as insurance, one of ease and success year after year.”

Roger Ernst

President, Case Design Corp.

“ I have the highest regard for the professionalism of HMK Insurance. I have received excellent advice and guidance on business insurance needs since 1998. My personal insurance needs: home, car, personal liability, etc. has always been handled efficiently and pleasantly by HMK. Insurance is one of the few things we buy with the intent of never using it so it is important to buy it from people we enjoy dealing with.”

David Noel

CEO, Dual Temp Company

“My relationship with HMK Insurance started over 20 years ago, when they earned their way into providing Dual Temp’s casualty and property insurance. The choice was not difficult, as they obviously understood my business and industry, and could deal with our uniqueness. Over the years, they have sourced all my insurance needs – casualty and property, officers and directors liability, workers compensation, pollution liability, automotive fleet coverage, etc. They also are instrumental in keeping our bonding line high in value and reasonable in cost. And in recent years we have entrusted them with our employees’ health care offerings and administration. Each of their products is headed by the absolute most professional agency partner who serves as our consultant in the truest sense. It is safe for me to say that I cannot imagine leading my business without their entire team on my side.”

Ross Born

CEO, Just Born Quality Confections

“Just Born Quality Confections has had the privilege of working with HMK for over 40 years! What began as a transactional relationship fast became a partnership – in every sense of the word. We take great pride in developing longstanding partnerships, and HMK is a standout . . . always understanding our needs, and proactively addressing them. They are among our most highly valued and trusted professional advisors. Effectively providing a comprehensive insurance program has enabled us to be a sweeter company!”

Jon Norman

Vice President, Funk Brewing Company

Mid-Atlantic Craft Beverage Insurance has been very helpful to our brewery. Our agent is one of the most reliable vendors that is quick to help, answer questions, and solve problems. This has made it much easier to focus on the most important parts of our business”

David Shields

Owner, Keycodes Inspection Agency

“We have been a client of HMK for over twenty years and have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all our insurance questions and needs. Our agent helped guide us with the insurance we needed when we opened our business and he continues to make suggestions for new types of insurance which would benefit our company. HMK has been a pleasure to work with and has a wonderful team of professionals. I would highly recommend them!”

Elaine Pivinski

Owner, Franklin Hill Vineyards

“As a multi-faceted business, Franklin Hill Vineyards is secure in the knowledge that HMK Insurance has us covered! We are a local vineyard and winery that is growing quickly. HMK Insurance has been protecting us as we grow – covering our farm, vineyard, winery, retail locations and distribution needs. They take a hands on approach providing us with updates to our insurance, prompt responses to questions and a general feeling of accessibility. With HMK Insurance, we at Franklin Hill Vineyards can continue to create award winning wines and provide our customers with the best possible experience as we have done for more than 30 years!”

Deborah Levy

Office Manager, Morris Black & Sons Inc

“The HMK crew has made my insurance experiences pleasant. From General Liability to Health Coverage, I have always had the full support of a friendly and knowledgeable team. It is reassuring to know that they are just a phone call or email away. And with their team approach, I am never left without help or an answer for long.”