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We are proactive now to save you money later

Business owners have to make difficult choices in order to strengthen their organization on a regular basis. Their work shouldn’t be hindered by concerns about potential risks that accumulate as part of these decisions. The solutions and services offered by HMK Insurance free your executive team to do what they do best, unhindered by risk concerns.

HMK Insurance's risk managers and loss control advisers are a group of highly technical, professional individuals who understand the importance of partnership. Their primary focus is the safety of your employees and implementing corrective actions to ensure injury trends are addressed and do not continue. They provide invaluable consultative services that help our clients reduce losses and manage them, if and when they do occur.

Our claims and loss control services are designed to help companies manage future costs. We believe in being proactive now in order to save our clients money later. We are our clients’ advocates, working with them to ensure claims are covered immediately. Services include:

Risk Management Services

  • Claims Advocacy 

    Advocacy throughout the claims process, while assisting with claims frequency and severity.

  • OSHA Compliance

    Providing OSHA counseling and training services to ensure compliance with regulations

  • On-call Technical Consulting

    Our safety professionals are just a call or email away.