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Fall 2020: A Message From Our President

Our Agency, like most businesses, has had to adapt to many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’ve created new efficiencies and have been forced to think outside of the box.  We’ve simply found new ways to get business done.  Prior to March, we never worked remotely.  Since March, that is basically all we have done and it’s hard to envision ever working in the office five days a week again.

Since the beginning of April, we’ve had a limited office schedule, allowing employees certain day(s) and specific times they could be in the office in order to offer them access while at the same time being able to maintain social distancing and safety.  That worked well and provided those that wanted it much needed office access and those that didn’t the ability to keep working from their homes.  On September 14, we staggered our staff, and everyone returned to the office two days a week while working remotely three days a week.  At any given time, we have about half of our 62 person staff in the office on a given day.  It’s been a smooth transition back and is a good mix at this point of days in the office and days working from home.  Our offices are still closed to clients and vendors, but we hope that will change in the coming months.  We’ve also upgraded our phone system, and everyone now has a laptop or tablet to improve our ability to serve you, our clients, seamlessly from wherever we may be working that day.

I want to thank our staff for their incredible dedication, perseverance, and self-discipline over the past several months in serving our clients. I want to personally thank you, our clients, for your patience in allowing us to do so and your loyalty to HMK and our employees.  We will keep working hard, whether from the office or our homes, to continue to earn your trust and your business.


Timothy Kurtz

President/Managing Partner